Jazz Piano Education

Web-based Jazz Piano Education Tool.

To learn an instrument, many people acquire the necessary sensorimotor and musical skills by imitating their teachers. In the case of studying jazz improvisation, the student needs to learn fundamental harmonic principles. In this work, we indicate the potential of incorporating computer-assisted methods in jazz piano lessons. In particular, we present a web-based tool offers an easy interaction with the offered multimedia content. This tool enables the student to revise the lesson’s content with the help of recorded and annotated examples in an individual tempo.

Associated Publications

  1. Konzeption und Umsetzung webbasierter Werkzeuge für das Erlernen von Jazz-Piano
    Stefan BalkePaul Bießmann, Sebastian Trump, and Meinard Müller
    In Proceedings of the GI Jahrestagung, 61–73, 2017