Connect scientific research databases with open music archives (e.g., YouTube).

Web services allow permanent access to music from all over the world. Especially in the case of web services with user-supplied content, e.g., YouTube, the available metadata is often incomplete or erroneous. On the other hand, a vast amount of high-quality and musically relevant metadata has been annotated in research areas such as Music Information Retrieval (MIR). Although they have great potential, these musical annotations are often inaccessible to users outside the academic world. With our contribution, we want to bridge this gap by enriching publicly available multimedia content with musical annotations available in research corpora, while maintaining easy access to the underlying data. JazzTube lets you explore the annotations from the Weimar Jazz Database (WJD) in intuitive and interactive ways. Experience an enriched listening experience by exploring famous jazz recordings along with solo transcriptions and further information about the featured soloists.

Try it out yourself: http://www.jazztu.be

Screenshot of JazzTube showing an excerpt from Clifford Brown's solo on "Jordu".

Associated Publications

  1. Bridging the Gap: Enriching YouTube Videos with Jazz Music Annotations
    Stefan Balke,┬áChristian Dittmar,┬áJakob Abe├čer,┬áKlaus Frieler,┬áMartin Pfleiderer,┬áand Meinard M├╝ller
    Frontiers in Digital Humanities, 5 1ÔÇô11, 2018


JazzTube was publicly funded research (DFG MU 2686/6-1 and DFG PF 669/7-1).