Jazz Structure Dataset

Annotations for musical structure and instrument in Jazz music

The Jazz Structure Dataset (JSD) comprises 340 recordings with more than 3000 annotated segments, along with a segment-wise encoding of the solo and accompanying instruments. These annotations provide the basis for training, testing, and evaluating models for various important MIR tasks, including structure analysis, solo detection, or instrument recognition. As an example application, we consider the task of structure boundary detection.

The full paper is published under Open Access regulatories: https://transactions.ismir.net/articles/10.5334/tismir.131. The dataset and the code for the reference implementations can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/stefan-balke/jsd.

Raw annotation format for “Jordu” as contained in the JSD. Each row of the CSV file corresponds to a segment. The columns indicate the start time, the end time, the label, and the instrumentation of each segment.(right).

Associated Publications

  1. JSD: A Dataset for Structure Analysis in Jazz Music
    Stefan Balke, Julian Reck, Christof WeißJakob Abeßer, and Meinard Müller
    Transaction of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval (TISMIR), 5(1), 156–172, 2022